Greek Islands

All the archipelagos of Greek Islands represents more than a fifth of the Greek territory. There are more than 9000 islands and islets, of which only 200 are inhabited! These Islands are grouped by region and here are the main different names.

The Dodecanese Islands – the Northern Islands – Cyclades Islands – the Ionian – the Saronic – Sporades – Crete.

This is more particularly the Dodecanese Islands and the south-east of the islands of the North we invite you to discover on board our cruise. (In contrast, the formula to the card makes it possible for customers to buildwith our Helptheir Routeideal cruise. Bodrum – Santoriniis A relatively common request that we meet). Bathed in an aura of serenity and preserved the vicissitudes of time, these islands are untouched by mass tourism! They are in direct contact with the Turkish coast, of a rich past and a beautiful page of history to discover.