Spirit Flavors 

To discover and share.

Flatter the Senses ... But not just. The rectangle triangle to begin with, you remember?


An authentic discovery and a mouthful of history

Has a dream made of sun, transparent and crystalline waters, to travel with the time that sometimes stops. Add an ocean of wellbeing. On the deck of your sailboat, brightening up this feeling of exclusivity and freedom for your formed group, you will freely compose according to our cruise routes your schedule. Flavors like to flatter the senses and singular decency to make discover and share a prodigious page of history mingled sometimes with an unalterable pinch of mysticism. Three thousand years of your gaze.I have bathed there. Ph. Flavors

Off the beaten path and for the... A trip out of time.

"Voluptuousness, serenity, authenticity and sometimes mysticism."



A universe flattering day after day contact with a privileged reality, seldom discernible by common sense. A haven of serenity on the deck of a superb sailboat. When every morning seizes you, in blooming scents and colorful essences, or as soon as nightfall when the magic of the horizon seizes you in sunsets fading all shades of orange. The historical discovery of the Greek islands and islets of the Dodecanese, the Cyclades as well as the most beautiful coastlines of Turkey.

the rectangle triangle you remember? Wink facetious to our painful memories of college students sometimes to begin with, or else When the vicissitudes of history and spiritual radiance mingle insidiously, to the opportunity of Tutoyer with sumptuousness and exclusivity some wonderful landscapes. Here, thedawn of civilization dictated the first precepts of our modern sciences as well as philosophy. You will sail in the memories of history, among the forgotten tales and legends. Ph