The concept

– "At the crossroads of the three continents, in the infinity blue of the south-east Aegean as well as the MediterraneanBetween Asia Minor and Crete, theGreek islands of the Dodecanese and the Turkish coast seem to spread like a necklace of shining pearls on the Velvet of the sea.At the sunniest place in Greece, Nature and the sea have created A wonderful world and history left indelible traces... Turkish coasts or Greek islands, Our perfect knowledge of You discover a trip out of time and Off the beaten tourist trails. A fulfilling stay to share exclusively with your group of intimates together. Ph Flavors

The concept

Private privatization

  • privatization. Discover, enjoy, vibrate together.
  • A group of friends, a combined family and children including, clients or colleagues, corporate event.
  • Privatization of a sailboat. Complete crew, including Cook, for a Exclusive experience.
  • Unique formula very comfortable. everything is included aboard!
  • Idleness, calm and feeling of total freedom. let yourself be lulled from day to day.


The concept is enriched

  • Creation of New Horizons, new itineraries.
  • Cabin Sales Yacht Category Luxury, To complete the privatization offer. PShare our favorites with passengers traveling solo or duet.
  • Creating staysThematic. The practice of activities that brings us together. Privatization or sale cabins. Themes Develop To complete our aspirations. Wellness boat
  • Opportunity given to experts to create thematic stays: Wellnessboat Retreats.  

The overall offer is established

The spirit is perpetuated...

  • Privatization of our three sailboats Perla Del Mar range orother chartered boats. The reception of Different numbers of passengers and/or offer different categories of benefits.
  • or even Cabin Sale. Reserved periods according to calendar (inquire). The opportunity to travel to 2 or solo.
  • Emotions and harmony. The thematic stays, The practice of activities that brings us together as a backdrop.  the Wellness boat,Wellness stays and its variations.

The overall offer is established.                                    The Spirit is perpetuated, heart-beating and only.


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