Pharmacy on the Edge

  • It includes everything that is classically possible to have on a sailboat to deal provisionally with problems that may arise during navigation. All navigation points are never far from a possible medical intervention zone.
  • Study with your doctor what you need to take for your personal case. For some medications, don't forget to take your prescription to avoid any customs problems.
  • Do not forget the possible sea sickness for some (anti-nausea or anti-emitting). In the order of Power One has: – 1st group with Nautamine, Phenergan, Vogalène, without prescription.  – 2nd, Stronger: Primperan, Motilium on prescription. – 3rd really very effective Largactil and scopolamine: SCOPODERM patch transdermal or acupuncture bracelets. To report, no seasickness for our customers current season 2014
  • Our sailboats never sail more than 3 hours a day and with stages... All our daily navigations on the Mediterranean are very quiet or in the Aegean Sea a little bit more agitated but without any consequence.
  • Vaccines: No vaccine is required.


And then... Boarding ring, our boats are equipped for the rare passengers Dreading sea sickness.

 In practice, how does it work?

Effective in 12 minutes maximum:
1. I put the glasses toThe appearance Of the very first symptoms.
2. I can read, write, speak, eat with...
3. I take them off when everything is fine!
4. I am stabilized for long hours.
CAN BE USED Over sight glasses
 In the rings of this funny pair of glasses, a blue liquid remains permanently on the horizontal. Whether it is in the plane of the glasses (facing the sight) or laterally. So the roll and pitch are both integrated. Remember that it is this loss of landmarks that disturbs the inner ear and causes sea sickness. By wearing these glasses, your eyes naturally integrate the movements and refind the balance. Without years no risk since, as stated in the notice, without contraindication and without side effect.


It is also possible to use Boarding Ring® in prevention.
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The inertia goggles do not have the characters of an ophthalmic device, but they are considered in Europe as well as sunglasses, as a
Medical device, CE Label, Class 1.