Duration 15 days and 14 nights – Period May, June, September, October

The first name Calista is derived from the Greek term kallistos which means "the most beautiful".

Calista you for a dazzling mix. Among the most beautiful islands of the Cyclades and the Dodecanese. 

Cruise Greece – Calista the Big Blue details

From the first weekend of May to the end of June. From early September to mid October.

    • Boarding and landing: Marmaris or Bodrum in Turkey
    • Duration: 15 days/14 nights.
    • Choice of the sailboat: Privatisation of Perla del Mar (8 double cabins and for 12 passengers maximum) – or Perla Del Mar 2 (6 double suites).
    • Number of passengers: 16 passengers maximum aboard Perla Del Mar – 12 passengers maximum aboard Perla Del Mar 2.
    • Strong Point: Huge coup de coeur and exclusive cruise flavors ♥  And good plans.
  • Your arrival airport:  Greece airport of Rhodes then ferry boat to Marmaris, Turkey Milas Airport-Bodrum, or well Turkey airport of Dalaman.

for passengers. Depending on Greek legislation, international navigation regulations in Greek waters may change (international board). The Greek board may, optionally, request the "face control" of our passengers in the Maritime Customs Service (not more than 20 minutes), the first or last day of your cruise. You just have to have your passport or your identity card to satisfy it. since 2018, legislation in progress, boarding and landings for the Greek islands must be done in Turkey.

Your cruise. Photo Gallery
Description of the itinerary of your cruise
The program of your 15 days aboard.

Day One: – Saturday-    Flight to Airport of Rhodes. Milas-Bodrum or Dalaman. Reception by our concierge at the port, installation on board. Start of evening aperitif with presentation of your stay. Free or guided tour of the medieval city of Rhodes. Dinner aboard.

Day 2: – Sunday-from Marmaris to Symi Panormitis, (02h30 navigation time) the most famous monastery on the island which is full of treasures. You will discover one of the 3 most beautiful icons in all of Greece. Dinner aboard. night in the superb setting of Panormitis Creek.

Day 3: – Monday-from Symi to Gyali then Nisyros. (03:15 navigation time). First stage the uninhabited islet of Gyali to play Robinson Crusoe, on a beach made up of pristine white pumice stones. Then direction Nisyros, the youngest volcano island of the Aegean area with its crater extinguished, Polybotes (diameter 260 meters and depth 30 m). The visit of the gaping crater, offering its tons of white, yellow, red, purplish dust, is striking. The ascent to the village of Nikia dominating the island is necessary. A colorful show. *Dinner on board or free ashore at the expense of the guests. (recommend the village of Nikia nestled among the Eagles nests and whirling in the air above your head, offering an exceptional view overlooking more than 300 meters the sea level. A church, a small restaurant only. A visit not to be missed). night in the small harbour (no more than 3 or 4 boats)

Day 4: – from Nisyros to Astipaléa. (04:15 navigation time).  Many immaculate white houses surrounded by an overhanging Byzantine castle, a maze of beautiful alleys and a few windmills with red roofs complete this superb panorama. Astipaléa seems to belong to the Cyclades archipelago. Its particular geographical location, as a hyphen between two archipelagos, has long been a great isolation. The island retains a lot of cachet and authenticity. A wild character, an austere beauty will delight the lovers of authentic islands. Its very characteristic butterfly shape makes that the island is divided into two parts, separated by an isthmus not exceeding the hundred meters wide on its narrowest part. Dinner aboard. Night in the small marina.

Day 5: – Wednesday-from Astipaléa to Anafi. (05:00 navigation time). With the exception of the port, consisting of about twenty houses, and a few detached houses, Chora is the only village on the island. It is a typical Cycladic village with beautiful white houses dominating the sea. The view is Everywhere fairy. The few 270 inhabitants of the island are very welcoming with visitors and we feel that tourism is still in its infancy. Only notable evolution in 30 years... The paths arranged to the beaches. The island will only be suitable for those looking for calm and wild beaches. To discover the Kalamos Monastery, from where begins a climb to a summit offering one of the most breathtaking views of the Cyclades. Dinner aboard. night in a cove.

Day 6: – Thursday-from Anafi to Santorini. (Navigation time 02:00) According to the ancient authors, his first name would have been Kallisté, in French "the Most beautiful" or "the very beautiful". Santorini offers one of the most famous natural shows of the Mediterranean. The island is formed by the crater of a volcano buried under water, whose underwater caldera is considered the largest in the world. Santorini offers the image of a long cliff in a peak of 80 to 120 m high, where geological layers of black or red ash are superimposed, with a white village perched on the top. *Dinner aboard or free on the ground. overnight at docking near the harbor.

Day 7: -Friday-from Santorini to Amorgos. (03:30 navigation time). The most oriental of the Cyclades has gained notoriety with the film of Luc Besson: The Big Blue, first of its kind for this great classic of French cinema. Clinging to one of these cliffs and in a totally improbable place, the monastery of Chozoviotissa, dominating the sea is worth visiting. An impressive, all-white building dating back to the 11th century, it contains an icon of the Virgin of great value. Under the monastery, from the Rocky cove of Agia Anna, with incredibly limpid waters, the view is irresistible. If paradise exists... the island of Amorgos is certainly part of it. *Dinner aboard or free on the ground. Night in the cove of Agios Pavlos.

Day 8: – Saturday – from Amorgos to Levitha. (Navigation time 02:00). Navigating along the coasts of the lost islets of Kinaros, Glaros, Mavra to reach the most eastern island of the Cyclades archipelago with its 4 permanent inhabitants at the last census. A dive out of time. Dinner aboard. night in a cove.

Day 9: – Sunday – from Levitha to Kalymnos. (03:20 navigation time). Kalymnos unique site for a fjord with turquoise waters. Mountainous island, known for its tradition of sponge fishing, a world dive spot with many underwater caves, also a European gathering place for fans of free climbing. (more than 200 pics and the opening every year of more than 40 climbing tracks). An exceptional panorama. Dinner aboard. night in the Little harbor.

Day 10 and Day 11: – Monday and Tuesday – (sailing time several steps of 1h30). Depending on the winds but also the timing that will be decided by our passengers, "a la carte" all successive stages from Kalymnos to Kos then Knidos and Symi. According to mythology, the three giants Phoebos, Kinnas and Kios fled to the island after being beaten to the great battle between the gods and the Titans. Hercules is supposed to have stayed here for a while after he executed his 12 jobs. The city of Kos is also the birthplace of Hippocrates. If it is a curiosity to visit on the outskirts of the island of Kos which deserves many detours it is the source of hot water in the open sea "Therma Beach". We will disembark our passengers for a bath among the nearby natural springs sulphurous and varying from 35 to 42 degrees.  Then direction Knidos to discover the origin of Aphrodite. Your arrival in the Bay of Knidos and directly at the foot of the foundations of the city attributed to the Spartans. Monuments, temples and Majestic Theatre are available to view from the deck of your boat. You will discover the traces of the Spartans, Persians, Hellenists, Romans and Byzantines. It was at the temple of Knidos that the famous statue of the goddess Aphrodite was made by the sculptor Praxiteles. first representation in the world of women's nudity. Visit the recommended site. Dinner aboard for those two nights. two nights in coves, that of Knidos for the first night, then depending on the navigation for the second.

Day 12: – Wednesday – Symi port. The port of Symi is certainly the most beautiful of all Greece. Symi, the Pearl Island of the Dodecanese, one of the most beautiful, with its houses on the waterfront of singular neo-classical style. On either side of the port of Symi, steep and steep natural ascents, white houses but mostly pastel yellow, then mauve, ochre, blues and greens, magic of colours. A reminder that 100 years ago it was one of the most prosperous islands in Greece. These beautiful old houses were resurrected for visitors. The spirit of the island remains intact. Place of birth according to the Greek mythologyof the Three Graces. The visit of the ' ' Kastro ' ', the fort, perched up to 500 steps will be the place to access it. *Dinner on board or free and discover the gastronomy of this small island, especially the Garidaki, a speciality of small shrimps not found elsewhere than on Symi. night in the harbor.

Day 13: – Thursday – from Symi to Rhodes (sailing time 3am). Rhodes, a major destination in Greece of a splendid medieval enclosure pierced by seven Majestic Gates . Arrival at Μandraki picturesque Little harbor with the sculptures of the deer of Rhodes at its entrance. The marina will welcome your sailboat as well as the luxurious yachts. Three picturesque mills and the lighthouse of St. Nicholas. The view is simply magical for those approaching Rhodes by yacht or sailboat, or even on a cruise ship that moors every day at the port of the city. Enchanting setting that captivates many artists who have chosen their home. the most important city of medieval Europe it offers treasures of architecture to discover. The visit of the Archeological museum, as well as that of the House of the Great Masters, will delight you as well as to walk the Knights ' round road at the foot of the ramparts. Free visit of the village of Lindos, recommended (55 km from Rhodes) beautiful site bordering the sea and mounted on the back of donkeys to the rock of the Acropolis to discover the sanctuary of Athena dating significantly from 400 years B.C. and overlooking the sea which is offered to Loss of sight.  *Dinner aboard or free. night in the harbor of Rhodes.

Day 14: – Friday from Rhodes to Marmaris. From Creek to Creek. (03h00 navigation time). Sailing to the Turkish coast with two successive stages in Turkish coves. Arrival at the port of Marmaris 4.30 pm. Dinner aboard.   Night in the superb setting of the pedestrian port of Marmaris.

Day 15: – Saturday – Saturday – ✈ transfers. Landing after breakfast 8:30 am then transfer to airport.

*For the attention of our passengers : The full quality pension is included in our cruise service. On the other hand, we point out to our passengers that they can have a choice of course, during our successive stages to discover freely the pleasure of the local gastronomy (these dinners are the responsibility of the passengers). We sometimes indicate in this program, *Dinner on board or free on shore In order to share the few "best places" to discover, those that leave indelible memories.

Depending on the wind and sailing conditions, it is possible that the daily itinerary will be altered during cruising by the master as well as some "timing" inherent in certain stages.

(The paid visits of some sites are the responsibility of the client/Knidos €3.50 – Nisyros the Volcano €5 – Symi the monastery of Panormitis €4 – Rhodes the Archaeological Museum €3 – Rhodes the Palace of the Great Masters €6. The Palace of the Great Masters is the 3rd most visited site of all Greece)