We intervene to organize your event

Whether you are a novice or experienced Whether you are a TPME or a group, your event is... always an important challenge. success is often to the set of small details.

  • What we propose to enrich the niche of the event that leaves immutable memories:
    1. The challenge of the idyllic setting, we rise.
    2. Our know-how we bring.
    3. To all your business events we associate a permanent cultural enrichment, in an enchanting setting and away from the beaten path. On our board, very comfortable conditions of lodging and navigation.
  • An example of our know-how. 5 days 4 nights, Discover the Mandarin Seminary.
  • Other possibilities, consult us.

Example of our know-how-Mandarin Seminar

Seminar bringing together the directors of an international company – 5 days and 4 nights – 18 passengers on 2 boats.

Specifications and Specificities:Off the beaten path, exclusivity, the setting and places of interventions, relaxation, authenticity, surprise us. 

Its flower is very delicately scented,

His flesh is sweet,

 Its thin bark,

Its colors flatter with an orange-red color.

A mandarin is divided into quarters,

A neighborhood is sometimes called a splinter.

The brightness is synonymous with light, wonder, glitter, natural radiance and blossoming.

We offer you this flourishing, combining the fullness of a singular stay.



Mandarin Seminar Presentation
Triptych of specifications. Reception, pension and accommodation – meetings and working time – the course of the stay – 

Your arrival in Rhodes in Greece. 18 participants – Home of the group or individually according to air flights- Transfers to your boats.  Boarding For Accommodation On Two luxury yachts. Perla del Mar and Perla del Mar 1, respectively 26.50 metres and 28 metres, 8 double cabins for each sailboat, 6 double cabins and 2 separate twin cabins, teak and mahogany, all cabins with private bathrooms and perfectly Equipped with. – Same itinerary for these two sailboats that will sail together And that will allow our daily water thread (max daily navigation time 3:30) – The pension Includes breakfasts, lunches, tea-time and dinners on board or ashore. All drinks on board are included- Free use of onboard leisure equipment: Standing-paddle, canoe, snorkeling equipment (masks, fins, snorkels). Onboard Satellites and WiFi on deck and in cabins – Crew members and coaching: The captain, the second, the Cook, sailor, hostess as well French and English-language board reference Stay on board, The pleasure of moving in a mix of navigation but not only... Allow the discovery sip of a rich history past for an enriching daily water thread. 

Nota bene: Calm and very little agitated sea, no seasickness to report among our passengers.

Day 1: Arrivals at Rhodes Airport, Rhodes Island, Greece. The capital of medieval Europe, a treasure of architecture and a witness to a past filled with history. On the trail of the Knights.

  • Transfer to port and installation of all participants on board of boats according to arrival times-VIP transfer drivers and private vehicles class S-individual information issued upon arrival of the first participants to the stay- For the first arrivals of guests, guided tour of the Palace of the Great Masters-visit of the Archaeological Museum-massage session to recover from the fatigues of the journey: organised aboard our sailboats, on the deck before sunny, with masseurs Qualified. – Early evening, wine of honor and presentation of the stay for the group together. Gift Pack (to be defined) – 8.30 pm Dinner aboard the boats –

Day 2:From Rhodes to Symi, the Pearl Island of the Dodecanese. Magic of colors, the origin of the Three Graces.

  • 06:30 morning departure from the port of Rhodes for the island of Symi, one of the most beautiful of all Greece. (Sailing time 2:30) – 08:00 breakfast during navigation and arrival in the beautiful Bay of Panormitis (Greek island of Symi) – 09h disembarkation and privatization of a room of St Nicholas Monastery for the 1st working session of the day. (Duration 3am) – strolling through the monastery with an icon covered with gold and silver, one of the most beautiful in all of Greece, as well as discovering the mini-museum dedicated to bottles in the sea. (15 minutes ' visit). 13.00 Lunch on board while navigating to the port of Symi. – 2.30 pm arrival at the port of Symi and privatization on land of a space (art gallery Los) hosting the second working meeting of the Day. (Duration 4 hours) – 6.30 pm aperitif for all aboard the sailboat Perla Del Mar – 20:00 embarkation aboard a Greek fisherman's boat.  8.30 pm Aperitif and dinner on a private beach arranged and prepared for the occasion. White Tables, torches, presence of folk musicians and dancers for introduction to Sirtaki (Greek dance par excellence). Drop of lanterns, type celestial lanterns. 23h15 back to Sailboats

Day 3: From Symi to Bozburun, an authentic fishing village and a high place for the artisanal construction of sailboats.

  • 06h45 early departure and sailing to the fishing village of Bozburun. (Sailing time 1:15) – 8:00 a.m. Breakfast in a superb cove before entering the village. Relaxing in the middle of a crystalline, warm and colorful water. At the choice of water-skiing or flyboard-12.30 lunch on board a la carte. Barbecue on the bridge, seabream and fresh and grilled bars or meats and accompaniments – 2.30 pm arrival of the boats and moorings for the afternoon and for the night in an enchanting and paradisiacal place, authentic site, Olive Grove and flowered Park at the water's edge. Bozburun Yacht Marina Club – 16:00 diving for all and introduction to bottle diving. Discover also and embark on board a race trimaran with its helmsman, guaranteed sensations and according to the winds. Grouping on pontoons furnished with charm and elegance and privatized for your band. – 6.30 pm Crossing the bay in Speed-boat and aperitif on a private beach arranged for the occasion.  – 20:00 return to our mooring and 8.30 p.m. Dinner ashore, the table will be erected above the waves, on the dock of the establishment. Folk music group and dancers. Fireworks on the bay. I Love Boat Night.

Day 4: From Bozburun to Rhodes. Back in the footsteps of the Knights.

  • 8 a.m. Breakfast and stop-over bathing in the beautiful Bay of Comcalik with blue azure waters. 10:00 am Navigation to Rhodes (3 hours) with introduction to the bar of boats, manoeuvres and handling of the sails by our passengers-13.00 arrival in Rhodes and lunch in the courtyard of the Palace of the Great Masters. Departure for Archengelos and visit the olive oil Factory for a visit to discover the manufacture of olive oil and tasting. 17:00 arrival in Lindos and ascension on donkeys of the Acropolis of Athena, IX century B.C., 200 meters above sea level.  Descent from the Acropolis to the beach of Agios Pavlos, aperitif on the beach at the foot of the Acropolis. Arrival on the back of donkeys in Melenos, superb privatized space terrace above the sea. 23:00 return to Rhodes aboard the sailboats.

Day 5End of the stay.

  • 8:00 Breakfast. Landings and individual transfers according to the respective schedules of the flights return of our passengers-Spa and massages or visit the Palace of the Grand Masters for passengers whose return flights would be later.


Experience it!


Photo Album of the Mandarin Seminary
Your accommodation, your boats, the kitchen on board and ashore, your discoveries on land, the landscapes and halts during your stay.



Enrich the niche of the event that leaves unchanging memories

Force of Proposition. Your Event – we organize – duration of events – the setting and atypical venues – our ability to design and organize – throughout your stay... – Has all your events our red thread associated

Your event

  • The challenge of the idyllic setting. We note
  • Our know-how. At all your business events we associate our red thread. Discovery, a cultural journey, your participation in sport (*).


We organize different types of events

  • Convention
  • Seminar
  • Team Building
  • Product launch


Duration of events

  • 3 Days-2 nights
  • One week
  • 2 weeks
  • At your convenience we study all possibilities


The framework 

Privatization Beach, privatization historic place...

  • Accommodations on very comfortable sailboat-type boats. Daily Navigation in very calm waters. Associate our business and know-how to your daily wishes.
  • Hotel and boat accommodation. Together we will combine the opportunity to associate a hotel stay with that of a stay at sea.
  • Many opportunities for organizations and visits ashore. Privatization beach, restaurant, historic site, convention room. Possible opportunity to involve external providers according to specificity of your wishes or/and needs.


Ability to receive

We are reactive

  • Depending on the magnitude of the event, the necessary preparation time is variable. We're reactive.
  • The example of an important agreement bringing together customers, employees, partners, spouses. In proportion to the number we affrétons other necessary boats.
  • Our intervention includes all the logistics necessary for your event stay.
  • Our reception as soon as you arrive at the airport and the accompaniment until boarding back.
  • Only air transport is to be managed by your care. As soon as you arrive we intervene.


Throughout the stay

Participants are guided, advised, framed

  • The participants are guided, advised, supervised by our team. A lively sharing of skills and abilities to share our passion.
  • The creation of this collective work is a joint production that reinforces the links between the participants by leaving a trace.
  • The canvas is prepared upstream by our team and according to a theme defined in agreement with the company.


(*) ... To all your business events we associate our red thread.... Your sport participation (*).

No need to be a good sportsman, a few excursions ashore and possibilities of water sports activities in order to participate fully in our proposed red daily thread.