Sale Cabins Mediterranean and turquoise cruise from €490/passenger
Departing from Marmaris and return to Marmaris by stopping in Fethiye, the discovery of the magnificent site of Dalyan-Kaunos, a protected beach reserved for the laying of sea turtles, weekly discovery of the Gulf of Göcek, for a cruise of several nights in Beautiful coves. Cruise in touch with nature for a symphony of colors, blue and green are in the spotlight.
Cruise information

Period. From the 1st weekend from May to the end of October

Boarding. Marmaris.

Duration. Weekly from Saturday to Saturday. 8 Days – 7 nights.

Cruise Route. From Marmaris to Marmaris.

Choice of sailboat.  Sale of cabins on sailboat of standard-comfort category.

Number of passengers. Eight double cabins. 6 cabins with double beds + 2 cabins with separate twin beds. This cruise welcomes up to 16 passengers.

Strong Point. Symphony of Colors Cruise  The blue and the green in the spotlight.

Your airport of arrival advised. Dalaman – or Bodrum indifferently – or even Rhodes (then crossing by ferry to Marmaris – 1h30 to cross-42 euros)


Your sailboat



Mediterranean and Turquoise Cruise
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Description of the itinerary of your cruise
Giant sea turtles, blue crabs, olive trees, pine trees, abundant pink laurels at the water's edge, tombs dating from 300 years B.C. overlooking the sea...


Day One:-Saturday-✈ flight to Dalaman or Bodrum. Taxi or shuttle or else welcome by our concierge and our transfer to the marina of Marmaris. On-board Installation from 3.30 pm on Saturdays. Start of evening aperitif with presentation of your stay. Dinner aboard. Free visit on the evening of the city of Marmaris.

Day 2 to 7: Anchor on Sunday morning, the day after you arrive. In order to make you enjoy a harmonious and exhaustive itinerary, our ' ' Kaptan ' ' will take all decisions of daily destinations by deviating from a possible number of other boaters in these magnificent waters and on this route. All the most beautiful stops in the Gulf of Göcek are in the program

So many stopovers that will prove for you the occasion in colorful and limpid waters, daily bathing, to discover the wonders of the girls coasts, to share 3 weekly BBQ on the Bridge (Bar – Seabream – Köfte) but also to take a bath of mud, to discover a protected site and place of preference of turtles and their clutches (excursion Ekincik). You will use motorized canoes to visit the arms of the sea to approach the cliffs that border the Kalbis Valley and its numerous tombs carved from the rock.

Your successive stages will be from Marmaris to Ekincik, then Dalyan – Kaunos * (The twins Kaunos and Byblis were born from the union of Miletos, son of Apollo with the nymph Cyane daughter of the god of the meandering rivers, on which you will sail and discover the sinuosities). Follow the Bay of Haruplu, the Bay of Domuz, Kizilada, Fethiye, Ölüdeniz which you can reach by taxi during our stopover in Fethiye (the beach of the Blue Lagoon is one of the most photographed in the world), Yassica, the Bay of Tersane, the beach of Itsuzu (elected Most beautiful beach in the world in 1995), Bedri Rae and its hillside tombs, Aga Bay, Kumlubük, Cennet Island (Paradise Island) and return to Marmaris on Friday at the end of the day.

All the dinners are on board, but you will have leisure if you wish to mingle with the colorful life during our one evening stopover in the marina of Fethiye and enjoy this free district of one evening, and why not to go to the fish market of Fethiye and enjoy the dishes of your choice.

Day 8: Saturday – ✈ day of transfers. Breakfast and landing 9.30 am, then transfer to airport.

(paid visits to certain sites are the responsibility of the passenger: * Dalyan-Kaunos access in motorized boat. The beach with turtles, the remains and tombs of Dalyan, the mud Baths: €35 to settle on the spot.)


Recommended Excursion! Day 2. Departure from Ekincik, our first stopover of the week and every Sunday. Excursion by motor boat to Dalyan and Kaunos. Four-hour time. At the start of your sailboat, you leave for half a day and embark on board of flat-bottomed motor boats. The beach with the turtles of Iztuzu, the girls tombs overlooking the sea, the mud baths. Tariff €35.

Panorama of Dalyan Bay-Kaunos

  • 1-Stop for the night of your sailboat. Ekincik Bay
  • 2-Iztuzu Beach
  • 3-The protected beach for laying turtles
  • 4-The maze of the arms of the sea
  • 5 – Girls Tombs
  • 6 – Village of Dalyan
  • 7 – Mud baths and sources of sulphurous hot water


This excursion is not feasible with your sailboat. Indeed the arms of the sea are shallow. On the other hand we offer this interesting excursion by embarking on board shuttles that take care of the passengers and departure of your sailboat parked for the night in Ekincik Bay.




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