Quote-Prices per week 

The prices are set against three main criteria


  1. The choice of the boat and theA week held.
  2. The cost and costs of choosing your itinerary. The costs of marinas or ports (and according to the size of the boat), the sailing times with motor, the administrative costs. singularity of the more substantial Greek costs related to the itinerary of your cruise as well as to the additional customs and administrative costs. Generally the navigation times are longer, the costs of marinas or ports more substantial. They are counted.
  3. Boarding. The overall price of the board is calculated for the number of passengers in your group. The pension includes breakfasts, lunches, tea-time and dinners. It also includes all soft drinks and at all hours (mineral waters, carbonated waters, Coca-Cola, fruit juices, tea, coffee filter, etc...). Alcohol is extra.
  • The pension is considered with the category of boat, "the so-called normal pension" is included. 
  • You can opt for a "higher pension". 75 €/passager/jour


Also note:

  • the navigation. Although sailboats are mentioned, the use of more or less large engines is often necessary. Each boat has its own motor characteristics.
  • The onboard energy is supplied by the fuel as well as by generators also using this fuel for transformation into electricity. It should be informed that the price of fuel in Turkey and on the Greek islands is more important than in Europe.
  • The number of crew members, the quality of the flight service, the overall benefits.
  • There will be a possibility to add the options that you can remember.



In the context of privatization,

  • All soft drinks are included in our services.

In the case of sales cabins, sale of luxury cabins and sale of standard-comfort cabins,

  • Soft drinks are not included in our services. (Count 50 €/week/passenger, to be paid to the captain on the day before departure)


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