A unique tourist experience for a Paris Holiday Collector That Keeps its promises. HAS Share exclusive with your Group of Intimates Together, aMIS, families, corporate. EMOTIONS & HARMONY!  

Spirit Cruise Flavors

A niche stay. Groups of friends, family groups, or event company. A collector's stay that keeps its promises! Has a Dream made of sun, transparent and crystalline waters and to bathe in it. To travel with the time that sometimes stops. Authentic discoveries and gorged with history. Has Edge of your sailboat, an ocean of wellbeing, a feeling of exclusivity and total freedom. When the horizon and sunsets take over you by declining All shades of orange. Atmosphere off the beaten path tourist. Out of time!  

On these shores, Pearl necklaces on the endless blue and green of the sea,  Idyllic setting for perfectly successful stays !

29 January 2015

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